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Plasma Cladding Technology
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Plasma Cladding Technology

High Density

The plasma beam has high energy density, metallurgical bonding of cladding layer and workpiece, shock-resistant, and not broken off.

High Accuracy

The surface of cladding layer is smooth, evenly, flat and feasible to control thickness.

Less Impact

With limited heat-affected zone, the structure remains the same, and the workpiece heating temperature can remain 250℃.

Wide Application

Plasma cladding has been widely applied to such fields as aviation, machinery, metallurgy, locomotive, mine, etc.

High Flexibility

It's feasible to realize cuting, welding or bending processing, easy to conduct replacement and maintenance

Low Cost

It only needs 2 to 3 persons to operate complete equipment, saving power over 50% compared with traditional technologies.


Plasma Cladding Products

High Intensity Wear-resistant Alloy Powder Atomizing Alloy Powder Production Line Cutting Pick Assembly Line Complete Sets of Equipment DRF-3 cutting pick plasma cladding wear-resisting processing equipment DRF-2 plasma cladding wear-resisting processing equipment DRF-5B plasma cladding wear-resisting processing equipment DRF-S hand-held plasma cladding wear-resisting processing equipment

Plasma Cladding Manufacturer

Qingdao Yahai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Coastal Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an old and new kinetic energy conversion industry park in Wangtai, Qingdao West Coast New Economic Zone, with highly-developed transportation, 24km away from Qingdao Qianwan Port, with Jinan-Qingdao Highway, Laiwu-Huangdao Highway and Tongjiang-Sanya Highway running across, only about 20km away from the West Station of Qingdao High-speed Railway, enjoying convenient and accessible transportation.

Our company has succeeded in researching and developing plasma cladding technology on the base of overlay welding, laser cladding, plasma spraying, smearing and sintering technologies. The technology's basic principle: Under the impact of flexible high-temperature plasma beam, alloy powder and base surface are rapidly heated, molten, mixed, spreaded, reacted and frozen, self-excitation cooling with plasma beam …


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